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Revenge “Chaos” = Mind Fxckd

So for anyone who watches Revenge, I feel like I must say something about last night’s episode (Episode 15 - Chaos). What happened? I feel like everything I knew is all down the drain now, and now I have to come up with new theories to answer these overwhelming questions! Without being too long on this one I’m gonna point out a few things. Warning! There are spoilers contained in this post; do not read if you haven’t seen it yet.

A) Tyler came back! OMG how did they let this nut job loose? T.T

B) I knew fake Amanda was going to turn on real Amanda. I mean I pity her because she actually loves Jack but doesn’t she realize it is a messed up situation and their relationship probably won’t work out when everything is revealed?

C) I’m confused as whether to Emily really loves Daniel, it seems that she has some kind of positive feelings towards him. He isn’t like his parents so that’s a reason why she shouldn’t use him but alas it must be so.

D) The grandfather is a douchebag.

E) I’m mad cause Jack had a chance to start over and leave but this bitch Amanda had to come and ruin things.

F) WHAT? Are Nolan and the Sensei plotting something? Are they bad guys? Please tell me you guys saw the look they gave each other at the party!

G) WHATTTTT? We all were thinking that Daniel died but nope it was Tyler, where did Daniel go and why is he covered in blood if he didn’t kill him? I’m actually quite relieved that he didn’t die cause I loveeee him <3 haha

H) Obviously this Sensei is plotting something why else would he pick up Amanda and say “oh it’s a pleasure to serve you” What a bitch.

Now we have to wait a while before the next episode comes back. This sure seemed like a season finale to me! But luckily it wasn’t and it’s only going on hiatus for a little bit… I hope so anyways. So yea I basically was gasping and going “What?!?” for like the entire episdoe. *Sigh* so much to think over. let me know your theories! xo