La Joie De Vivre.

Alcatraz “Cal Sweeney”

So I actually didn’t watch this episode until recently but when my friend said it was AMAZEBALLS, it literally was AMAZEBALLS! I enjoyed this episode more than the previous ones. Maybe it was because we finally are going somewhere in the plot line aka into why the prisoners vanished…. or maybe it’s just that it focused on Cal Sweeney who was just oozing sex appeal and charm even though he was the bad guy. But hey, who isn’t attracted to the bad boy once in a while ;)

As mentioned above, this episode focused on Cal Sweeney, a bank robber from Alcatraz. It starts off when Cal enters the bank and goes to a teller, he greets her and then they go “see his safe deposit boxes”, what this really means is they’re going to get it on. Little does the poor woman know that he is about to inject her with a needle and put her asleep. Nice tactic- seduce and rob. He was about to leave when the bank manager came in and saw what happened, he killed him with a bullet to the head and then walked away. Doc who knows everything about Alcatraz already knows that Cal is the culprit when Rebecca receives the news as they were eating breakfast. It seemed odd to me that she would choose a Chinese place… I didnt think they served breakfast… to each their own I guess but damn that white girl sure can eat those dumplings … I assume so anyways. I’m more of a non-breakfast sorta girl but that’s not the point.

They decide to interview the people who were robbed, however they arrived too late for one man who was killed by Sweeney.Apparently he was mad because the man wouldn’t tell him the story of how he and his wife met. What does that say about Sweeney? Does he like people to have a past? Is that what spares them from death? Clearly memories had a lot to do in the plot line. We go back to the past and Tiller is trying to get into Sweeney’s contraband business for a greater profit. Sweeney only agrees because Tiller took an emty tin box from his cell.

Once again in the present Sweeney continues to seduce women and rob banks but we find out that he was sent by someone to look for something important. That something important is a key, that they retrieve once they catch him. Now here’s what they key point of the episode is : Sweeney’s protege was the one who set Sweeney up. Somehow Sweeney got the warden to lock him up somewhere. He opened up the door with the same keys that Hauser and the gang are collecting. It takes 3 keys to open up the door and they have 2. What was beyond that door? Is it how the prisoners disappeared? Finally that start of some answers!

Highlights: Cal Sweeney’s sex appeal ;)

Revelations: The mysterious door and the keys that unlock it.